Monday, 10 June 2013

My June 2013 TBR Pile!

Okay since my last exam is on the 19th June, I decided to tell you all about what I'm currently reading, and what I hope to finish in June!

Reading Right Now

I've been a bit jumpy between what I've been fancying reading lately and have ended up reading about 4 books at the same time. The first book, which I'm the furthest through at this moment, is Feed by M. T. Anderson. I've really been enjoying it so far, I got to page 94 in my first sitting and for some reason chose not to pick it up to finish it as I felt like reading something else. I really enjoy the concept this book presents and how it shows the dialogue of this dystopian world is fascinating, however I do find the constant use of slang they use to be quite dull and confusing at times, especially if I'm trying to read in bed! I'm going to wait until the end to give it a proper review but at the moment I'd say that it's probably about 3.5/5 *'s. I'm hoping I'll have enough time to finish this before the end of my exams, meaning I can read the rest throughout June!

Okay and then the rest of the books I've picked up recently but haven't yet started are:
1.  Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte - page 16/466
2. The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald - page 44/173
3. The Selection - Keira Cass - page 28/335
4. Fifty Shames of Earl Grey: A Parody - Fanny Merkin - page 11/202

These are all eBooks and I think that's why I've just been starting books on a whim and then not continuing them on, I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that I'll be able to finish all of these by the end of June, but I'm not totally sure yet! I'm not too keen on Wuthering Heights so far, so I'm going to try and get through it but I really don't want to be reading things which are going to take a lot of effort to enjoy after exams, so this may get pushed to the sidelines! I've been enjoying the other 3 books a lot though, I generally tend to use my iPad for classics as its so much cheaper. Recently however, I've been trying to buy more books as eBooks as I'm going on holiday on July 6th and I'm sharing a suitcase with my sister, *yikes*, so not much room for my beloved books!

I'm also intending on carrying on catching up with the Deltora's Quest series by Emily Rodda, as each book is only around 120 pages each and they're very entertaining (for both child and older reader alike), so I'm likely to read the 3rd book, City of Rats, and the 4th book, The Shifting Sands 
So that's my TBR for June! I've already read Eleanor & Park so not very productive month as of yet, stupid exams!

Thanks for reading and let me know what your planned TBR for June is.
Heather x

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